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for MD80 & F100 in stock !


Specialist for V2500-A1/A5 & JT8D-200


Mobil Jet II, Skydrol B5004, BP-2197


24h delivery in Europe and ME.


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Welcome to NAFCA

NAFCA is an aviation and airline specialist based right at the Airport in Hamburg, Germany.
We support airline clients from Austria to Australia with wide ranges of tyres, brakes, landing gear, windshields, spares, parts and lubricants - especially for the aircraft models McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Fokker F100, Airbus 300 & 320 - most of which we can deliver within 24h in the EU and Middle East.

What We Can Do For You

Breaking it down, we do three things:


If you have overstock or are diclosing your support for McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Fokker F100 or Airbus A300/320, feel free to contact us with your offer. We will make a no-fuss, quick deal offer that help you get your warehouse cleaned up quick and easy.


We stock most of the things that occasionally break or need to be replaced reguarly: tyres, brakes, landing gear, windshields, lubricants. If you (acutally can not) fly a F100, MD-80 or A300 / A320, then talk to us to get your aircraft back into the air quickly.


If you have a container full of tires that need to be retreaded, a pallet of worn-out brakes or a JT8D-200 or V2500-A1 or A5 turbine that ran too many cycles, ask us for a quote. Chances are good we can even exchange for overhauled equipment right away.